Compass Clue Scrolls

Compass clue scrolls can only be received from Elite Clue Scrolls

How it works

compass clue scrollBasically all you get is a pointing arrow which works like a compass. Only it doesn't show north but points in the direction of you next digging spot. As you move around the Land of RuneScape you will find that the Arrow migh start pointing a different way.

There are different ways of approaching how to find the right spot. You could just start walking in the direction of the Arrow and hope that you are close already and will soon see the cross indicating you have found the right spot, but chances are you will do a lot of walking before you even get close to the right spot.

The best way I find to solve these is to open the worldmap and draw an imaginary line from the place you are standing in the direction of the arrow. Pick an easy to get to place on that line, go there and check your scroll again. If it still points in the same direction, pick the next easy to get to place and do the same thing. If however it points in the opposite direction, you know your digging spot is between those two spots. Go to what is almost the middle of the line and keep going to the middle until walking distances become plausible.

found the spotOnce you are getting real close (leave you compass open while you walk around) you will find it start turning in all directions. This is the time to move one square at the time and you will soon enough see that Arrow change in a cross. You have found the right spot!

Another way of finding the spot is similar but might need a little better ability of drawing those imaginary lines on the worldmap. Start the same by srawing this mine in your mind over the worldmap. Then go to a corner of the map that is not on that line at all. Once there open your scroll again and see where your Arrow is point to now. Draw an imaginary line from there and try to find the intersection of this one with the line you drew before. If you did a good job at those imaginary lnies, you should be really close to the digging spot once you rune there.

As all of these Scrolls lead you to a spot where you have to dig, you must not forget to bring your Spade.

Guthix Wizard

As you dig you might be surprised by a Guthix Wizard attacking you. This Wizard is level 125, level 110 when in the Wilderness and can do you quite a bit of damage. He attacks with all three types of attack and will adjust his attack according to your Armour and/or Defence. The most effective way to combat him therefore is to wear Melee Armour (which protects better against Ranged and even Melee attacks) and use Protect from Magic. If you Prayer level is rather low, you might want to consider bringing a Prayer Potion with you.

There is however a way to avoid having to fight the Wizard. If you can bring a Meerkat familiar and a few Fetch Casket Scrolls, you can dig up the Scroll Box or reward Casket without evoking the Wizard, thus not having to fight him. Meerkat pouches and Fetch Casket scrolls are a possible reward for all the different levels of Clue Scrolls.

A few of the possible locations

There are lots and lots of locations as to where you can be send to dig. Almost too many to get them all. Nevertheless, whenever I get a scroll (which isn't all that often), I will add the locations on here and will try to always get pictures of them too.

Town or Area Location Map Exact spot (click for large image)
Agility Pyramid on top of the rocky platform south east of the Agility Pyramid, south of the Archaeologists location map screen image of the location
Bedabin Camp inside the biggest tent in the southern part of the Camp location map screen image of the location
Daemonheim along the southern coast line of the Peninsula location map screen image of the location
Lumbridge by the cow field to the east of Lumbridge Castle, north of the Toll Gate into Al Kharid location map screen image of the location
Nardah north of Nardah, on the river bank opposite Pollnivneach location map screen image of the location
Seers' Village outside on the eastern side of the Camelot Castle location map screen image of the location
Sorcerer's Tower just north of the Socerer's Tower on the eastern side location map screen image of the location
Spirits of the Elid Cave right in front of the entrance to the cave location map screen image of the location

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