Emote Clue Scrolls

Emotes can be given to you by easy, medium or hard cluescrolls


Uri When you get an emote scroll, you will have to go to the place described in the Scroll, put on the Armour, Jewellery that is mentioned and do the emote or emotes in the right order. A guy names Uri will appear.

Don't forget to do the second emote if necessary, before you speak to him, if not he will tell you, you have no business with him... If you did it right, he will give you your next Scroll or Reward.

Required Items

Make sure you equip the right items, beware of the differences in enchanted and unenchanted jewellery, staff and battlestaffs, the right metal armour and so on. It is almost impossible to have all possible items in your bank for this type of Clue Scrolls, as it would fill up a big part of your bankspace. Most items can be bought easily from the Grand Exchange but some will take time and cost a little more. But there are other ways of getting the required items, some of them spawn in certain places, others are quite regularly dropped by monsters. If you have no idea where to get an item, simply click on it, and it will take you to the Clue Scroll items page. There you will be able to find out where you can find it and if you can make it yourself or not.

Double Agents

A note of warning for those brave enough to fight those monsters dropping hard and elite Clue Scrolls. Although the rewards can be better level 3 Clue Scrolls are not without danger.

When doing Emote Scrolls, you will get Double Agents (level 108) appear. Don't worry, the Scroll will tell you: "Beware of double agents!" so you will know before you go there, to prepare for a fight. You will have to kill the Double Agent before you do the emote again to make the real Uri appear. You have to put the required items on and do the emote to make the double agent appear, but it is not necessary to keep wearing these items while killing him. You can take anything/everything of and put stronger Armour on to kill the Agent without a problem. However, when performing the emote a second time to make the real Uri appear, you will have to put the required items back on.

While being in the Wilderness, it is enough to kill the Double Agent, you will not have to redo the emote again. His level is also lower than in the non Wilderness areas: level 68.


Beckon, Blow a kiss, Blow a raspberry, Bow/Curtsy, Cheer, Clap, Cry, Dance, Headbang, Jump for joy, Laugh, Panic, Salute, Shrug, Think, Twirl, Wave, Yawn

Emote Equip / Wield Location Description


Beckon symbol
Beckon in Tai Bwo Wannai. Clap before you talk to me.
Equip green dragonhide chaps, a ring of duelling, and a mithril medium helmet.
Green D'hide Chaps Ring of Duelling Mithril Med Helm location map anywhere within the fenced area of the town
Beckon in the Digsite near the eastern winch. Bow before you talk to me.
Equip a pointed red and black snelm, snakeskin boots, and iron pickaxe.
Blood'n'Tar Snelm (pointed) Snakeskin Boots Iron Pickaxe location map close enough to the eastern winch
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Blow a kiss

Blow a kiss symbol
Blow a kiss between the tables in Shilo Village bank. Beware of double agents!
Equip a blue mystic hat a splitbark helmet, a bone spear mud pie and rune platebody.
Splitbark Helm Mud Pie Rune Platebody location map right in the middle between the two tables inside the bank.

Warning: make sure you have autoretaliate off, if not you will throw the pie at the double Agent when he attacks which means you will have to make a new one to repeat the emote.

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Blow a raspberry

Blow a raspberry symbol
Blow a raspberry at the monkey cage in Ardougne Zoo.
Equip a studded leather body, bronze platelegs, and a normal staff with no orb.
Studded Body Bronze Platelegs Staff location map face the monkey cage before you do
Blow a raspberry in the Fishing Guild bank. Beware of double agents!
Equip an elemental shield, blue dragonhide chaps, and rune warhammer.
Elemental Shield Mithril Platelegs Rune Warhammer location map anywhere in the bank inside the Fishing Guild
Blow raspberries outside the entrance to Keep Le Faye.
Equip a coif, an iron platebody, and leather gloves.
Coif Iron Platebody Leather Gloves location map blow them in front of the door
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bow symbol curtsy symbol
Bow at the top of the lighthouse. Beware of double agents!
Equip a blue dragonhide body, blue dragonhide vambraces, and no jewelry.
Blue D'hide Body Blue D'hide Vambraces location map Go to the Lighthouse north of the Barbarian Outpost and go to the top.
Bow in the ticket office of the Duel Arena.
Equip an iron chainbody, leather chaps and coif
Iron Chainbody Leather Chaps Coif location map The ticket office can be found right north of the entrance to the Arena.
Bow outside the entrance to the Legends' Guild.
Equip iron platelegs, an emerald amulet, and an oak longbow.
Iron Platelegs Emerald Amulet Oak Longbow location map Just in front of the entrance
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Cheer symbol
Cheer at the Druid's Circle.
Equip a blue wizard hat an air tiara, a bronze 2h sword and HAM boots a gold amulet.
Air Tiara Bronze 2h Sword Gold Amulet location map anywhere inside the druid's circle north of Taverley by the Altar of Guthix
Cheer at the games room.
Have nothing equipped at all when you do.
- location map Inside the Games Room in Burthorpe
Cheer for the monks at Port Sarim.
Equip a coif, steel plateskirt, and a sapphire necklace.
Coif Steel Plateskirt Sapphire Necklace location map Next to the Entrana Monks on the jetty with the ship to Entrana
Cheer in the Barbarian Agility Arena. Headbang before you talk to me.
Equip a steel platebody, maple shortbow, and a wilderness cape bronze boots.
Steel Platebody Maple Shortbow Bronze Boots location map anywhere in the Barbarian Agility course
Cheer in the Ogre Pen in the Training Camp. Show you are angry before you talk to me.
Equip a green dragonhide body and chaps and a steel square shield.
Green D'hide Body Green D'hide Chaps Steel Sq Shield location map Inside the Pen with the Ogres. These are lvl 63.
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Clap symbol
Clap in the main exam room in the Exam Center.
Equip a white apron a ruby amulet, green gnome boots blue flowers and leather gloves.
Ruby Amulet Blue Flowers Leather Gloves location map inside the Exam Centre in the eastern part
Clap on the causeway to the Wizard's Tower.
Equip an iron medium helmet, an emerald ring, and a white apron leather gloves
Iron Med Helm Emerald Ring Leather Gloves location map on the long bridge towards the Wizards' Tower
Clap on the top level of the mill, North of East Ardougne.
Equip a blue gnome robe top an emerald ring, HAM robe bottom wood camo top and an unenchanted tiara.
Emerald Ring Wood Camo Top Tiara location map go out of East Ardougne through the most north-eastern exit and keep walking straight north to reach the Mill
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Cry symbol
Cry in the Catherby archery shop. Bow before you talk to me.
Equip blue gnome boots a round red and black snelm, a hard leather body and an unblessed silver sickle.
Blood'n'Tar Snelm (Round) Hardleather Body Silver Sickle location map anywhere inside the archery shop in Catherby
Cry on top of the western tree in the Gnome Agility Arena. Indicate 'no' before you talk to me. Equip a steel kiteshield, ring of forging, and green dragonhide chaps. Steel Kiteshield Ring of Forging Green D'hide Chaps location map go to the Agility course and climb up the platform in the north-eastern corner, then climb up the tree and do the emote on the platform there.
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Dance symbol
Dance a jig by the entrance to the fishing guild.
Equip an emerald ring, a sapphire amulet, and a bronze chain body.
Emerald Ring Sapphire Amulet Bronze Chainbody location map at the entrance of the fishing guild, in front of the door
Dance a jig under Shantay's Awning. Bow before you talk to me.
Equip a pointed blue snail helmet, an air staff, and a bronze square shield.
Staff of Air Bruise Blue Snelm (pointed) Bronze Sq Shield location map Under the awning at the Shantay Pass. Uri will appear after you do the jig, do not forget to bow before you talk to him.
Dance at the cat-doored pyramid in Sophanem. Beware of double agents!
Equip a ring of life, an uncharged amulet of glory and an adamant two-handed sword.
Ring of Life Amulet of Glory Adamant 2h Sword location map the biggest pyramid in Sophanem, east of the altar
Dance at the crossroads north of Draynor.
Equip an iron chainbody, a sapphire ring, and a longbow.
Iron Chainbody Sapphire Ring Longbow location map walk north from the bank till you come to the crossing
Dance in the centre of Canifis. Bow before you talk to me.
Equip a green gnome robe top spiny helm, mithril platelegs, and an iron two-handed sword.
Spiny Helmet Mithril Platelegs Iron 2h Sword location map anywhere in the centre of the town
Dance in the Party Room.
Equip a steel full helmet, steel platebody, and an iron plateskirt.
Steel Full Helm Steel Platebody Iron Plateskirt location map anywhere inside the Party Room in the north-eastern corner of the town
Dance in the shack in Lumbridge Swamp.
Equip a bronze dagger, iron full helmet, and a gold ring.
Bronze Dagger Iron Full Helm Gold Ring location map inside the little hut which is the entrance to Zanaris when equipping a Dramen Staff or Lunar Staff
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Headbang symbol
Headbang in the mine north of Al Kharid.
Equip a desert shirt polar camo top, leather gloves, and leather boots.
Polar Camo Top Leather Gloves Leather Boots location map just head north from Al Kharid to reach the mine
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Jump for joy

Jump for joy symbol
Jump for joy at the beehives.
Equip a desert shirt iron boots, green gnome robe bottoms unholy symbol and a steel hatchet.
Iron Boots Unholy Symbol Steel Hatchet location map the beehives are located west of Catherby
Jump for joy in Yanille bank. Dance a jig before you talk to me.
Equip a brown aproniron crossbow, adamantite medium helmet and snakeskin chaps.
Iron Crossbow Adamant Med Helm Snakeskin Chaps location map anywhere inside the Yanille bank
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Laugh symbol
Laugh at the crossroads south of Sinclair Mansion.
Equip a cowl, strength amulet and Iron scimitar.
Leather Cowl Amulet of Strength Iron Scimitar location map right south of the Mansion
Laugh in the Jokul's tent in the Mountain Camp. Beware of double agents!
Equip a rune full helmet, blue dragonhide chaps, and a fire battlestaff.
Rune Full Helm Blue D'hide Chaps Fire Battlestaff location map anywhere inside his tent in the Mountain Camp, up in the Mountains east of Rellekka
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Panic symbol
Panic by the mausoleum in Morytania. Wave before you speak to me.
Equip a mithril plateskirt, a maple longbow, and no boots.
Mithril Plateskirt Maple Longbow location map Find the graves to the east of the Fenkenstrain's Castle and push the most eastern one to open the entrance to the dungeon. Walk through north-west to reach the Mausoleum.
Panic by the pilot on White Wolf Mountain. Beware of double agents!
Equip mithril platelegs, a ring of life, and a rune hatchet.
Mithril Platelegs Ring of Life Rune Hatchet location map on top of White Wolf Mountain by the Glider
Panic in the heart of the Haunted Woods. Beware of double agents!
Have no items equipped when you do.
- location map exact location Use the Fairy Rings code ALQ to get to the Haunted Woods fast if you can, run towards the east and a little south till you find the spot as shown in the picture. As soon as you have done the emote and Uri appears, you can put Armour on to fight him. Take the Armour back off to do the emote again
Panic in the Limestone Mine.
Equip bronze platelegs, a steel pickaxe, and a steel medium helmet.
Bronze Platelegs Steel Pickaxe Steel Med Helm location map the Limestone mine is located east of Varrock, on the road to the Temple
Panic on the pier where you catch the Fishing trawler.
Have nothing equipped at all when you do.
- location map anywhere on the pier
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Salute symbol
Salute in the banana plantation. Beware of double agents!
Equip a diamond ring, amulet of power, and nothing on your chest and legs.
Diamond Ring Amulet of Power location map anywhere inside the plantation
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Shrug symbol
Shrug in the mine near Rimmington.
Equip a gold necklace, a gold ring, and a bronze spear.
Gold Necklace Gold Ring Bronze Spear location map the Rimmington mine is located just north of Rimmington
Shrug in the Zamorak Temple found in the Eastern Wilderness. Beware of double agents!
Equip rune platelegs bronze plateleg, an iron platebody, and blue dragonhide vambraces.
Bronze Platelegs Iron Platebody Blue D'hide Vambraces location map Go to the Chaos Temple in Wilderness lvl 12, straight north of Varrock (you will have to run around the lava into lvl 15 to enter the Temple. Do the emote close to the Altar.
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Think symbol
Think in the wheat field by the Lumbridge mill.
Equip a blue gnome robetop a sapphire necklace, a turquoise gnome robe bottom polar camo legs and an oak shortbow.
Sapphire Necklace Polar Camo Legs Oak Shortbow location map go out of Lumbridge following the road up north and to the west to reach the wheat field
Think under the lens in the Observatory. Twirl before you talk to me.
Equip a mithril chainbody, green dragonhide chaps and a ruby amulet.
Mithril Chainbody Green D'hide Chaps Ruby Amulet location map To get to the Observatory, you will have to go through the Observatory dungeon. Once there go upstairs before you do the emotes.
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Twirl symbol
Twirl at the crossroads north of Rimmington.
Equip a green gnome hat a sapphire ring, cream gnome top yellow flowers and leather chaps.
Sapphire Ring Yellow Flowers Leather Chaps location map the crossroads referred to is the intersection north of the Rimmington mine
Twirl in Draynor Manor by the fountain.
Equip an iron platebody, studded leather chaps, and a bronze full helmet.
Iron Platebody Studded Chaps Bronze Full Helm location map inside the fence of the Manor, in the south-western corner
Twirl on the bridge by the Barbarian Village. Salute before you talk to me.
Equip purple gloves iron hatchet, a steel kiteshield, and a mithril full helmet.
Iron Hatchet Steel Kiteshield Mithril Full Helm location map the bridge over the River Lum from Barbarian Village towards Varrock
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Wave symbol
Wave along the south fence of the Lumber Yard.
Equip a hard leather body, leather chaps, and a bronze hatchet.
Hardleather Body Leather Chaps Bronze Hatchet location map the Lumberyard is located north-east of Varrock, walk out of Varrock through the eastern gate and follow the road up north
Wave on Mudskipper Point. Equip a black cape gold ring, leather chaps and a steel mace. Gold Ring Leather Chaps Steel Mace location map Mudskipper Point can be found south of Port Sarim
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Yawn symbol
Yawn in Draynor Marketplace.
Equip studded leather chaps, an iron kiteshield, and a steel longsword.
Studded Chaps Steel Longsword location map on the western side of Draynor Village, where all the stalls are
Yawn in the Castle Wars lobby. Shrug before you talk to me.
Equip a ruby amulet, a mithril scimitar, and a Wilderness Cape
Ruby Amulet Mithril Scimitar Iron Sq Shield location map inside the lobby
Yawn in the rogue's general store. Beware of double agents!
Equip an adamant square shield iron sq shield, blue dragon vambraces, and a rune pickaxe an iron pickaxe.
Iron Sq Shield Blue D'hide Vambraces Iron Pickaxe location map the Rogue's General Store is located in the Bandit Camp in Wilderness lvl 23, just north of the Dark Warriors' Fortress, straight north of Ice Mountain
Yawn in the Varrock library.
Equip a green gnome robe top holy symbol, HAM robe bottom leather vambraces, and an iron warhammer.
Holy Symbol Leather Vambraces Iron Warhammer location map the Library is situated north inside the Varrock Palace

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