Tribal Totem

Quest info

Members: Yes

Difficulty: Intermediate

Length: Medium

Required skills: Thieving lvl 21

Required quests: none

Monsters: none

Startpoint: Speak to Kangai Mau in Brimhaven

startpoint map

Items needed:

  • 90 Gold Coins (for 3 boat trips between East Ardougne - Brimhaven)


  • Quest Points: 1
  • Experience:
    • 1,775 xp Thieving
  • Extra:
    • 5 Swordfishs
    • Access to Handelmort's garden to train on dogs

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Optional quests, skills & items

This does not include required quests, required skill levels and/or required items for transportation (see next section).

Optional Quests: /

Optional Skills: /

Optional Items: /

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Getting around


  • Use your Amulet of Glory to Karamja to arrive at Musa Point then run all the way to the east
  • Take the boat from Ardougne to Brimhaven (30 Gold Coins) or take the boat from Port Sarim to Musa Point (30 Gold Coins) and run east. If you have the Karamja Gloves 1 or higher (from the Achievement Diary) the trip will only cost you 15 Gold Coins, if you have the Ring of Charos(a) you can Charm him and it will not cost you anything

East Ardougne

  • Use the Ardougne Teleport Spell (requires Magic lvl 51: 2 Water & 2 Law Runes and the Plague City quest finished)

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Starting the quest

By speaking to Kangai Mau

Kangai MauHe can be found inside the Food Shop in Brimhaven.

He is looking for someone with Thieving skills and knows how to sneak around. Ask him what the mission is about and he will tell you he needs someone to go to Ardougne to the House of Lord Handelmort, who has a Tribal Totem that belongs to Kangai's Tribe.

Getting the Tribal Totem

Items needed: 30 Gold Coins (or 15 with Karamja Gloves 1)

Handelmort's Mansion

Items needed: 30 Gold Coins (or 15 with Karamja Gloves 1)

Handelmort's place in East Ardougne
Take the boat to East Ardougne (from the docks north of Brimhaven) and go to Handelmort's Mansion, north-west of the Market Place in East Ardougne. When you try to go in, you will find the Door is locked. Speak with Horacio the Gardener and ask him who he is. Then ask him if he does the garden round the back too and he will tell you the combination to get into the house is Handelmort's middle name.

Handelmort's Middle Name

Items needed: /

guide bookGo to the Estate Agent's House (marked with estate agent symbol on your minimap) just south of the Mansion and pick up the Guide Book from the table there. Read the Book to find out Handelmort's Middle Name is 'KURT'

Finding a way into Handelmort's Mansion

Items needed: /

wizard Cromperty
Go to the House in the far north-east corner and speak with Wizard Cromperty. Ask him what his invention is and he will tell you he is working on a Teleportation Block. This Block allows him to locate it anywhere in the world and! teleport anything directly to it. Now ask him to be teleported. You will be teleported just a few blocks away to the R.P.D.T. depot in the south-east corner of East Ardougne.

address labelInvestigate the two Crates on top of each other to the north and you will find out they are addressed to Handlemort's Mansion. You will take the Address Label off. Investigate the single Crate south of the other two and you will read the Address Label that says this Crate is to be shipped to the Wizards of Mysthalin and that it is ready to be shipped of.

This Crate obviously contains the Teleportation Block. Use the Label you got from the other two Crates on this one and you will place the Label over the existing one. Speak with one of the R.P.D.T. employees and ask him when the Crate will be delivered. The employee will tell you it can be done immediately.

Go back to Wizard Cromperty and ask him to be teleported again and you will be inside Handelmort's Mansion... Smart eh :)

The Lock

Items needed: /

Go through the Door to the west and try to open the next Door.
This Door is locked and will need the combination Horacio told you about.

combination lock
Use the Arrow Keys to change the Letters till you have spelled the name K u R T, then click the 'Enter' button to unlock the Door.

Click the Door once more to open it and go into the next room.

The Trap

Items needed: /

dungeon map
Before you go up the Stairs you should Investigate them (right-click them and choose the option 'Investigate Stairs'). If you don't investigate the Stairs first, and try to go upstairs you will set off the Trap. If this happens, you will fall into a small dungeon below the town, with some Rats level 6 in it. Run to the south-west corner to get out and return to Wizard Cromperty. Ask him to teleport you again. You won't have to unlock the Door anymore. So investigate the Stairs, then Climb them.

The Tribal Totem

Items needed: 30 Gold Coins (or 15 with Karamja Gloves 1)

tribal totemGo to the room to your east, open the Chest and 'search' it to find the Tribal Totem.

Go out of the Mansion, by simply using the front door, and return the Totem to Kangai Mau in Brimhaven.

quest award

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Tips & Extra Info

  • If you have finished all the easy tasks in the Karamja Achievement Diary the trips to Brimhaven and back will only cost you 15 Gold Coins. Don't forget to wear your Karamja Gloves while you pay for them.
  • If you have forgotten to take money for the boat trips to and from East Ardougne, there is a bank below in the Volcano Dungeon. The Volcano is situated to your east. Go down the hole and then go down again. The bank is a little to your west.

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